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The Cell Phone Versus Home Phone Debate

Ten or fifteen years ago, a cell phone looked like a thick walkie-talkie with an antenna as thick as your little finger. You'd see them on the ears of glamorous actors pacing down the streets of New York, in movies depicting corporate big city life. It took a few years for them to make their way into the hands of almost every adult; and then, almost overnight, young children had them too!

Many people are opting out of home phones altogether, claiming they have become obsolete with the advent of the cell phone. While the modern technology is unquestionably convenient, it does have some drawbacks you may not notice at first glance. And the trusty home phone may not be as antiquated as you think.

In defense of the home phone: Internet service, security system monitoring, and fax machines all use home telephone lines. True, these services can be acquired through wireless means as well, but usually at a greater cost to you. And of course, there is something to be said for the degree of permanence you get from a land line.

People switch cell phone numbers so often that it can be difficult for business, friends, and even family to keep track of them. Are the days when kids only have to learn one address and one phone number for themselves gone forever?

That said, I am the last one who'd admit to being anti-cell phone. It is my constant companion, as important as my wallet, keys, and chapstick when I'm walking out the door. Cell phones are obviously convenient because you can take them anywhere. Most have built-in caller identification, text messaging, and call waiting.

Probably the greatest thing about it is that you can be reached anywhere, anytime.

But the greatest con? You can be reached anywhere, anytime.

Sometimes it's nice to have time for peace and quiet, where you can't be interrupted. Having something glued to your ear all day long has several drawbacks. Many people have grown so dependent upon their cell phones that they feel naked if they leave them at home or the batteries run out.

Also, having to constantly remember to charge it, as well as the incessant monitoring of minutes and text message use, can be a pain. And don't forget that as the technology improves, so will the number of advertisements popping up on your cell phone screen.

Some people have a land line that they use for neighbors or business, and a cell phone they use for friends and family only. It's nice to have a cell phone number separate from the one you write on credit card applications and give out to businesses, hopefully reducing the number of solicitation calls you get on it.

These days, it can seem almost impossible to live without a cell phone, and insane to criticize them. But make sure to consider all the reasons for your home phone before you pull the plug--literally.


Cell Phone Contracts - Necessary Evil

If you don't already have a cell phone, you're definitely in the minority. It seems like just 5 years ago, you were a high roller if you were sporting a mobile phone on your ear. Now you will find pre-teens walking down the streets or the halls of their middle school with the latest cellular gadget. Cell phones have revolutionized today's society and made it easier than ever to get information when you need it; wherever you may be.

When shopping for your first cell phone or switching carriers, you have several options including AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel and various local companies. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. The key is to do you research before blindly signing a 2 year contract. It may not seem like long until you find yourself locked into an unfortunate situation.

So what is the best way to find the right contract for you? Here are a few pointers:

- Compare minutes - all cell phone plans have an allocated number of daytime, night or weekend minutes. Many carriers now have unlimited plans although they are pretty costly. Make sure you find out when night and weekend minutes start. Most carriers don't start night time minutes until 9 p.m.!

- Research data plans - If you intend to browse the internet, picture, video or text message, you need to research the various data plans on each carrier. They can vary quite a bit. Text messaging is getting more and more expensive and if you go over, it is going to hurt your wallet. Most carriers have a reasonably priced unlimited data plan that will allow you to surf the web and not have to worry about how much data you have transferred.

- Browse their phone selection - Some carriers have similar phones but many have unique phones that are only available on their network. Before you lock in to any contract, you have to make sure there is a phone that will suit your needs and a phone that you will enjoy. For example, the iPhone is a very popular mobile device that is currently only available with AT&T. Make sure the phone is compatible with your needs. If you plan to surf the web or send emails, your best bet is probably a PDA or Smartphone with a full keyboard. If you only intent on making calls, receiving calls and typing a few text messages a month, you will likely be able to find a free phone that will cover all your bases.

- Test their network coverage - Each carrier has great service areas and not-so-great service areas. Can you imagine locking into a 2 year contract only to find out that your phone only works in your home half of the time? Testing to see if you get service or coverage at work, home or anywhere else you spend a lot of time is a requirement. Many cell phone providers have trial periods where you can test this out. Or if you don't want to go through all that hassle, find a friend that uses a particular cell phone provider and test their phone out at your home or work. Asking existing customers in your local area is one of the best ways to find out if that service provider has good coverage in your area.


Enjoy The Benefits Of Using VoIP Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a relatively and still emerging technology in the telecommunications world but there are many manufacturers and companies that now provide VoIP calls. This typically means a single, low, monthly fee which then enables the user to call out to any phone that they would normally be able to call and enjoy minimal call charges. You can even use standard phones in some cases and high speed Internet means that 100s of calls can be made and received simultaneously without risking the network.

What Is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol is a method of sending and receiving data via the Internet rather than over phone lines, which is how an analogue phone system works. Companies are offering an increasing number of VoIP packages to individuals and businesses and more people are taking up the offers in order to enjoy the benefits of these systems.

What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Phone Systems?

There are many benefits to VoIP phone systems over analogue phone systems. You can enjoy a single flat fee for all calls made within a month, and this may mean no extra charges for long distance or even mobile phone calls. Features like caller ID, call waiting, and conference calling are also usually included in the package and you can even check voicemail by email.

Choosing A VoIP System For Your Business

With more businesses choosing VoIP phone systems and more companies offering VoIP packages that can be used in the home as well as more advanced VoIP phone systems for businesses it is little surprise that so many individuals and organisations are taking so quickly to this telecoms technology. Check you get the right package for your requirements and for your business to enjoy the most benefits.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are increasing in popularity and they are quickly overtaking analogue phone systems as being the preferred choice for individuals and for businesses. Your business could also benefit from advanced features, reduced call costs, and integration with your IT infrastructure so that you can improve customer relations and even increase your bottom line.


Etiquette For Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones or cell phones are a godsend to society - there is no question about that. It is a boon to our private lives, but it is even more important to business. It permits very small firms to remain in touch with customers and potential customers without having to have a secretary or an office.

It is even said that owning a mobile phone is the number one best way of increasing turnover in the Third World. These phones are indispensable for health reasons in remote villages as well.

Coupled with that, mobile phones are cheaper than they have ever been and so are running costs and call charges. It is no wonder that there is a proliferation of mobile phones throughout the world. Yet there is a strong backlash against mobile phones or at least there is a backlash against some users of these phones.

Mobile phones can be regarded like guns. Guns are not a problem, the difficulty is the twit who fires one irresponsibly. So, how can we minimize the amount we annoy people when using our mobile phones in public? This is referred to as mobile phone etiquette and all users of phones in public places would be well advised to learn and adopt this etiquette.

The first thing to do is remember that they are called 'mobile phones' that refers to the fact that you can take them with you, so if you are receiving a call when you are in a public location, walk to somewhere where you will not disturb anyone. We do not want to hear you!

Keep in mind, that your phone ringing in a restaurant, classroom, bus, or even a pub is annoying to most people. There is no excuse for this except laziness. Put your phone on silent with or without vibration and / or flashing light - but no ring tone!

The only sports that come to mind where a mobile phone is not a problem are football and rugby. For all other indoor and outdoor sports, particularly golf, tennis, snooker and poker, turn the thing off all together!

Thinking of the caller, it is not really very good to use your phone whilst you are in the toilet, especially a public lavatory.

If you are in a meeting, it is a good idea to set your phone to voice mail and switch the device off. This is because, even if you do not answer the phone during the meeting, the wondering of who it may have been could distract you. This goes for school classes and college lectures as well.

If you follow these guidelines of mobile phone etiquette you will not see so many annoyed faces glowering at you and you will brighten the lives of thousands of your fellow humans.


Reverse Phone Detective Services Get Positive Reviews

Whether it be by a childish teenager prank calling you, an immature ex or a telemarketer, it's annoying when you receive calls from someone who never leaves a message and you don't know whose number the call came from. When you are dealing with a prank caller or immature ex, the nature of the game is to annoy you with constant calls at all hours of the day and night. When you aren't familiar with the number that called, how can you get it to stop? This is when you need to use a reverse phone detective sort of service.

Here are the situations in which a reverse phone detective may really come in handy:

- Constant pranks calls from the same number- you can trace these and figure out who's calling.

- You can identify those numbers on your phone bill in situations where you don't remember who it is.

- Instead of calling that number you've had in your address book forever, check it first! If you haven't talked to, say, a long lost college buddy in years, you can use this service to see if the number is in fact still theirs.

- You can actually discover who owns the otherwise unlisted and private numbers that appear on your phone.

- The owner of the number you are researching isn't the only information you can get through this service. You can even get addresses.

If this isn't enough to make you search the net for this service, you can also find reverse phone detective review sites that further show you how effective and convenient this tool is in comparison to others. Instead of finding out firsthand that some sites can be scams, use a reverse phone detective and get the most information possible. Reverse look ups can be done on any sort of number, regardless of whether it is commercial, residential, wireless or even an unlisted number. A reverse phone detective service is easy to use, easy to understand and quick- and it doesn't cost very much.

A reverse phone detective has its database filled with numbers in the USA and it is current. Therefore, the success of a search is almost always guaranteed. Aside from the number, a reverse phone detective will also provide you with the name of the caller, the caller's current address, the caller's local carrier and even directions to the location of the caller. Apart from that, they guarantee full 8-weeks satisfaction or you get your money back. Best of all, all the searches done on the site will remain confidential. So there's no need to fear on your part that what you are doing will be found out. It is completely legal to do this.

Of course, as with any other service, there are some reports stating that certain searches didn't turn up with the desired information. Whether this indicates that their database is not current and complete, no one knows- but it is important to note that these complaints are limited in number. Overall, the reverse phone detective review sites show that this service is worthwhile.


iPhone Ringtones

Apple has a history of knowing what people want and producing it, even though Apple's products also have the name of being a little expensive, but that is neither here nor there. If someone wants something badly enough, price frequently does not come into it. A good example of this is Apple's iPhone.

People, particularly young people, like to personalize their phones and the iPhone permits them to do just that. The most usual form of customization is changing the ringtone, because it can become terribly confusing when a cell phone goes off in a room full of people, if nobody has personalizes the default ringtone.

OK, there are a few of dozen cell phone manufacturers and every one has its own default ringtone, but in any pub or any cafe at any time, there will be a number of Nokias, several Samsungs, et cetera, et cetera..

Apple are well aware of this need for customization and so there is lots of chance for it built into the iPhone. Apple, especially with regard to to ringtones is one of the most flexible phones.

The iPhone is a cell phone, an organizer and a camera, but it is also an MP3 player. This is one of the two main formats for keeping sound and so it allows for lots of opportunities.

This s because MP3 is the preferred format for most music files and so offers the most choice. Anyway, if you were stuck for choice, Apple offers more than 500,000 ringtones and tunes to pick from at its iTunes Store. There is all sorts there.

It is handy to know the main sorts of ringtones, so we will run through them here:

* Monomorphic ringtones are simple tunes, played one note at a time.

* Polymorphic ringtones are more complicated, playing a number of notes at the same time.

* Truetones are recordings of songs in MP3 or AAC format, which are the formats used by modern music players.

* Singtones are in essence karaoke tunes. You or a friend sings the words of a famous song to a professionally played tune. Software synchronizes the two soundtracks and then you have a singtone.

* Video ringtones are recordings of, say, a band playing a snippet of music at a live concert. The video is set off by an incoming call.

You can see from the various kinds of ringtones that the Apple iPhone can deal with, that there is no reason why your ringtone should not really stand out in a group of people. Besides these capabilities, you can easily go to one of the numerous on line cell phone ringtone aggregators and either use one of their clips or create something completely unique to yourself.

One thing is for certain, the iPhone makes it very simple to download and install any ringtone you want to use in order to customize it.


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